Wednesday, October 8, 2014


First day back for term 4 today and there are only four weeks until we finish. Time for a check over the task list which I jotted down in my first post. 
  • journal entries for digital art--this is entry #10, but they're rather piecemeal . . . 
  • improving photoshop skills--I really haven't done much with photoshop recently. I do have a new set of photos I could work with, though, in addition to Emily's formal pics which could do with some attention. 
  • improving illustrator skills--I've done several tasks in Illustrator and certainly picked up new skills along the way. I haven't done anything much over the break, though.
  • improving photography skills--I've taken one batch of intentional D-SLR photos for a potential project and lots and lots of my usual mobile phone pics. I wouldn't say I've done any clear skill development, though.
  • developing my "doll project" for Studio Art--definite progress with this, but as an open-ended task, there's still plenty to do. 
  • documenting the "doll project" for Studio Art:extending it with digital techniques--no progress here. 
  • exploring possibilities for printmaking--Baldesin Press is definitely worth a visit. I've attended a set of artist's talks and have plans for the Australian Print Studio Open day this weekend. 
  • improving and gaining confidence with drawing skills--Eek!
  • developing a better work routine-- . . . hmmm . . . 
  • exploring future possibilities for my art practice--I've applied for the Certificate IV here at NCAT for next year. Information evening is on next Monday and interviews sometime in November. 
  • making decisions about my Z Twist Art micro-business: direction, promotion, viability . . . --still rather unfocussed here, but I've had extra markets in the last couple of weeks and have dates booked through the end of the year. 
  • sorting the studio--including allocating workspace to different types of activities or simply clearing space enough to be able to work productively--this is a never ending task. It could certainly do with more focussed attention, that said, my work surface was clear enough to do some making over the break. 
  • promoting my work while all this is going on--sporadic Facebook entries for Z Twist Art
  • reviving my Z Twist Art blog . . .or not?--I have an idea for a first blog post arising out of last Saturday's market, but I don't have a plan of how I'd like to continue the blog . . . or not . . . 
  • learning about world history in general and art history in particular--I've been doing some reading and watching documentaries. I'm clearly learning, but the tendency to feel more and more ignorant the more I learn is alive and strong. 
  • re-learning and updating my medical knowledge--not really
  • getting back into a routine of walking regularly--yep!
  •  . . . and I'm sure there are more--yes there are . . . 

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