Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Digital Art Task List

Here's the to do list that's been sitting on the Whiteboard in the computer lab for the past several weeks.
  1. Resume
  2. Career Path/ Further Study Plan
  3. Self-directed Portfolio Piece/s
  4. Journal
I wonder if I could set up tabs for some of these different tasks in this blog? That would knock over one of the skills I want to build for myself in my Z Twist Art blog.

Here goes:
  • Using "Pages" I created a new page called "resume"
  • Using "Layout" I added a gadget, "Pages" clicked on "Home" and "Resume" that put it into the blog layout. Initially it comes up on the left as a list, which is not very spectacular. I need to work out how to make it as tabs across the top of the page. I'm guessing that's in "layout" as well. 
Here it is as a screenshot--and that's achieved with shift, command 3 on the Mac

And meanwhile, here's a quick report of where I'm up to on these various tasks . . .
  1. Resume: I've got a resume at home in Word that's several years old. It would be the one I prepared when I applied for the Arabic Women's Project at Hidden Creek Neighbourhood House. As a minimum I could update it with the teaching I've done at Hidden Creek since then and this course. 
  2. Career Path/ Further Study Plan: I'm hoping to continue at NCAT with the Folio Prep--Cert IV Visual Art next year. The application form is in my bag and filling it in is on today's "to do" list. Update: completed and handed in application form on Friday 19 September. The next step will be an interview, probably in November.
  3. Self-directed Portfolio Piece/s: Oh, so many options here . . . the Market Poster and the Landscape task would  both do for this, but I'd like to tackle the Doll Project over the break . . . more about this later. 
  4. Journal: that's what this blog is all about, really. 

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