Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day Two

Progress Report
Day 1

  • reserved the Austin Keon books from local library
  • borrowed a couple of books on Creative Cloud applications and reserved a few more
  • briefly worked on a draft of a flyer for Made n Thornbury Market in Illustrator--learning points to be identified and explored further
  • made some progress on the Doll Project--testing materials
  • did a couple of quick sketches in my visual diary
Clarifying Skills to Develop
  • Mark showed me last week how to import a graphic (in black and white) and convert it to a vector which I can manipulate. I want to see whether I can adapt this to the graphic I chose for the Made n Thornbury flyer.
  • I already worked out how to fix around the absence of a cropping tool in illustrator by using a clipping mask. Are there other or better ways to achieve this? 
  • Dee has asked me to "go nuts" with fonts for the flyer--I tend to like to keep things simple and I'd like to be able to match the fonts used in the logos as much as possible to help the whole piece to look coherent. 
  • I have a collection of photos I took last week for Em's school formal. At least one of these will be printed as a gift to her family. I'd like to use my photoshop skills to make it as good as I can before printing.
  • As an extension I could do a digital collage incorporating her formal ticket and the lace pattern from her dress.
  • I need to decide how this journalling does or doesn't integrate with my public blog--having set this up now as a private blog to be read only by invited guests. 
  • Re-styling my Z Twist Art blog to look more like a website, with easily navigated tabs and links to my Facebook and Pinterest has been on the agenda for a long time. 
  • Importing and placing pictures is an essential part of making a blog look good. From memory this was rather clunky in Blogger, but I had a routine going. However I had run out of free storage--that whole situation needs to be explored and sorted. 

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