Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Posters 101

 Mark got us started in Illustrator by having us design a poster in the Phoster App on the school iPads. There isn't a version for Android, so it's not an App I'll grab for my phone. I need to check if there's a Windows version, but then again, it was really an educational launchpad for the class, so neither here nor there, really. The main point was to have a simple design template to then copy using Illustrator functions, rather than getting hung up on lots of design decisions as well as learning the basic tools.

Basic Tools Used for my first poster: 

  • Create an Artboard--this one is A4
  • Rectangle tool to the same size: click and drag
  • Add fill for background colour
  • The next step was adding the "bunting" top and bottom. This began with a triangle with the polygon tool: 3 points and then clicking on the top point and stretching it to the required shape. 
  • Fill and stroke set the light blue colour of the triangle and the size, colour and style of the surrounding line
  • Copy and paste, multiple paste using command-D 
  • Group the triangles and drag the row to fit the bottom of the page
  • Copy, paste and rotate to make the top row of "bunting" 

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