Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Day 3--Market Poster

I decided to work on a flyer for the Made n Thornbury Market as a learning exercise with a real purpose.

Here's my first attempt

-- my first challenge for today. Blogger won't upload a pdf file and I can't find how to save my Illustrator file as a JPG, GIF or PNG, which are the formats Blogger will accept. I'll have to add that to this list of things I need to find out in Illustrator. Thankfully I have class this morning and I grabbed a few books from the library yesterday.

Other than that, my process involved

  • Importing the key design elements from TWNH: bunting, TWNH logo, Made n Thornbury Logo
  • checking the other key elements/wording to be included
  • choosing a new image to illustrate the "Twilight" market--as theses markets are usually daytime events. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble remembering/finding the source of the image I chose
  • Playing around with arranging the different elements on the page
  • Sending a first draft for feedback. 
Second Attempt
  • used a clipping mask to fix around the absence of a cropping tool in Illustrator--looked this up via online help
  • eliminating the bunting gave me more room to work with--benefit of feedback from Market Coordinator--she loved the stars image, so I went with that. 
  • added stars with key words--played with grouping objects, resizing and rotating and altering colours
  • sent second draft for feedback--result is mostly good, though some of the wordings that I shortened to fit the image better are apparently key/not negotiable, so those will need to be reinstated. 
Challenges/Learning Points
  • matching colours--using eyedropper tool
  • some imported logos/images appear on a solid background--transparent would be easier to work with
  • matching fonts to maintain overall cohesive look--there are already several fonts included in the TWNH Logo and the Made n Thornbury Logo
  • I'd like to be able to edit the shape of some of the curves in my main image--I'm not sure if I can do that with the approach Mark gave me last week, and now I can't find the image I started with. 
Now it would help to be able to access this information from school and I have it set as an "invitation only" blog. I'll have to see how my google ID works . . . 

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