Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Uploading Photos

It's been a week since my last progress report, but nevertheless progress has been made.

  • I now know how to convert my Illustrator file to upload--via File>Save for web and devices. Just to prove the point and celebrate, here's a digital collage I created in photoshop earlier this term. 

And it seems that the ease of upload in Blogger has improved since I last used Blogger eighteen months or so ago. 

For the record, this image consists of several layers of my work in Photoshop:
  1. A collage of japanese papers
  2. DI drew into it with contours in related colours--inspired by the warm-up exercises we did in Studio class with Andy Sutton in week 1.
  3. A photo of succulents I took on one of my regular walks forms the other dominant layer
  4. There's a layer formed by another photo of a plant: converted to a black and white using tonal drop out
  5. And another layer of autumn leaves
  6. Blending modes pull the layers together--note to self, I need to get more familiar with the various blending modes and what they do. At the moment it's pretty much a matter of trial and error. 
For extra excitement, I've just received a print-out of this image on fabric. It's printed on the school printer using Esiprint--printable cotton sheets from Embroidery Source in Fairfield. Esi-print is a printable woven cotton sheet pretreated for printing with removable backing paper. It comes in A4 or US letter size.  I've also been able to purchase a similar product from GJ's--one of my favourite local fabric stores. That one is made by Matilda's Own and there's an A3 size available, so I can see a skirt panel in my future! I've been told that the quality of print-out depends a lot on the printer quality, rather than just the quality of the substrate. Meanwhile I'll soak the fabric panel I have to loosen up and excess dyes and start to play with it with my textiles techniques. 

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